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Dr. Aaro you sir are my hero. I went in with pain and hurting so bad made a appointment they got me in the next day. Got there we did xrays then Dr Aaro came in a spoke to me about the teeth that has problems and the one that was giving me pain. The insurance lady came in spoke to me about prices. Then it was game time had 4 teeth removed did not feel anything at all ones the numbing meds wore off pain was very minim today is day 2 and not much pain at all these people all the best even the office staff. Thank you!!!!!

Kyle Bowman July 12, 2023

The entire staff was awesome and the dental assistant (Cheska) she was very attentive and so sweet... Dr. Moreno did an excellent job and he made sure that I was comfortable he's awesome!!! The ladies at the front desk were amazing, very good customer service... I was in alot of pain after the procedure and things didn't go right at the pharmacy and the dental office did everything the could to help me out and I really appreciate everyone there.

Tameka Noble July 12, 2023

Dr. Fraiser and his staff are the best. It’s so comforting to find a dentist who cares about his patients. I needed two wisdom teeth extracted and he was amazing. I felt no pain, he kept me calm especially when going to the dentist had previously been a bad experience. This office is not just for emergencies they take care of your regular cleanings also! I recommend Dr Fraiser and his staff to everyone that is looking for a new dentist!

jennifer temple July 7, 2023

Perfect I didn’t feel anything compared to other dentist they were nice and fast

teddy patterson July 5, 2023

I was going in a coward and came out a satisfied customer. The ladies at the front desk were friendly..understanding and easy going. The dental assistant jojo was a breath of fresh air which put me at ease and the dentist Dr Frederick was friendly gentle percise and good. I had to have a tooth removed and it was one of the best experiences i have had with a dentist office. My husband recommended that go there because my dentist retired. I was glad i went and would recommend this place as a alternative if you dont have a current dentist.

Wanda Crews June 25, 2023

The staff is sooooo nice! They are general and very communicative throughout the whole process of the extraction. I was so nervous but their personalities and professionalism made me feel much better. I’m a big wuss when it comes to dentists but I’ll forever go here!

Terrica Anderson June 19, 2023

Very affordable and the staff are very kind. They also explain and discuss everything very thoroughly, enough for me to understand (I'm kinda slow). You can get in pretty fast and easy which I also like. AWESOME experience and will definitely be coming back. 10/10.

rayven McKenzie June 13, 2023

Fantastic! I had to go in for an emergency tooth extraction. Got there at 8am and was out by 9:30. But the staff was helpful and VERY friendly and the Dentist was simply great. Pulled the tooth with great skill, didn't even feel the pressure beyond the fact that I knew he had a wrench clamped to the tooth. Highly recommend!

Ric Douglas June 13, 2023

Awesome service

mayra luquin June 12, 2023

Great experience from the entire Staff & Dr Aaro. Didn’t feel “sales pitched” for anything unnecessary, just friendly honest options. Made it as comfortable & as quick as possible. Came in without an appointment and was seen within 15 minutes. Thank you very much for taking away years worth of pain in 30 minutes. Will be back.

I’m not a huge fan of the dentist at all, but the whole staff was very professional and personable. Altogether a pleasant experience. I had to have a tooth extracted and I was in and out within two hours

Caleb Norman May 15, 2023

It was my first time ever going to this office, but they were very welcoming, understanding, and while it might have been a wait, the relief was well worth the wait. Thank you for all that you folks did for me

Bruce Wayne May 12, 2023

The care I received was above and beyond and left me in awe.I believe I was in and out less than a hour. No after pain. I wished I had found them years ago. Thank you.

Renee Little May 8, 2023

This place is a 5 stars. I went in on a Sunday it was quick . I got both of my wisdom teeth pulled the same day less than an hour. I only paid $361 it was very reasonable. The doctor who took out my teeth was very calm & understandable. The staff was very nice & talk me through the procedure. Will be coming back to get the other two pulled

Jazlyn Mathis April 24, 2023

I had a tooth ache wen here first time I was a walk in got there before they opened. Even before I went in the people coming into work greeted me. This place is wonderful everyone working here treats you like family. I had Dr T he looked at my x-rays and discussed choices. He is really layer back and listed to all my concerns. I ended up having it extracted. He talked me through everything. It's not easy having a tooth pulled but he gets your mind off what's happening. His assistant I think JJ she was great she kept me up on what was going on. This is a really good place to go for all dental needs. I recommend it highly. First time there and I was treated like family. I would give more stars if I could

Cindy Baker April 24, 2023

Best experience I have ever had with a dentist! Dr Frazier was so kind and seems to really care about patients! The young lady assisting him was extremely kind also! If every dentist had the commitment to care that Dr Frazier clearly has, less people would have anxiety regarding visits to the dentist. Went in for an emergency wisdom tooth extraction at 8am, went back for X-rays within 15 min and was out of the chair by 9am! This was an awesome visit and I really appreciate the entire team!! Thank you again, everyone!

Hailee Brianne April 15, 2023

I love them!! They made it the best experience for me possible!! Shoutout to Jodie , JoJo, Mariam and Joy and Dr. Frazier took the best care of me!! HIGHLY recommend 💕🫶🏼 thank you so so much!! You guys are outstanding!!!

Sunny Shelton April 11, 2023

I really love how they help me asap walked in and They got right to it everyone is very nice they did a great job

Daquan Mason April 10, 2023

Service was fast.... Customer Service was awesome!!!

Cassandra Sellers April 7, 2023

Awesome dental office! Was having pain with my wisdom tooth. Went in for a exam at 8am in the morning before going to work. Very quick check in. (But word to the wise. Call a day or two ahead if your new patient and have them send you the check-in paperwork so you can fill it out and send it back before you get to the office. It will cut your time down having to fill it out at the office). After talking to the Dr. Frazier about getting my wisdom tooth pulled and another next to it, I was worried that I was not going to be able to get to work that day and maybe the next day if I got it pulled the day of exam. And was going to push back until I had a few days off then be in pain for more days and nights until I got it done. I expressed my issues with Dr. Frazier and he said that most patients are able to get back to work when they leave the office. ( Each person results will vary thou). So I told Dr. Frazier to pull them. He worked quickly and efficiently. It was like pain-free. I was in the office at 8am. Left at 915am, minus two teeth and pain free. Back at work at 10am. It's been 12 hours since I had my two teeth pulled. No pain yet and haven't touched meds for it. Also worked a full 8 hours day too! Thanks Dr. Frazier and staff! It's the real deal with this dental office!

Jason Long March 24, 2023
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